Stained Or Colored Concrete Denver 

Stained concrete serves as an affordable and versatile design option. Concrete floors are commonly used for garages, patios and driveways. Thanks to the effects of stains on concrete we can change a typically drab concrete floor into a graceful and attractive surface. The many different effects of stained concrete are also helping bring concrete indoors for applications such as kitchen floors and entryways.

Much of concrete stain's versatility comes in its ability to offer a wide range of colors. While some stains deliver hues in the earth tone spectrum such as brown, red, tan, etc.  Other colors such as blue, greens, and purple are easily mimicked. 

When it comes to possible design effects of concrete stain, singular colors are just the tip of the iceberg. Another popular option is a patterned effect that is achieved through the use of stenciling. Simple stencils might deliver a two-tone checkerboard appearance or an exterior border around the base of your floor.

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stained concrete Denver