Concrete Porches, Concrete Patios, Concrete Steps Denver

Here in Denver concrete courtyards and patios are being transformed into extensions of the house.  They're the new favorite space or room to relax, entertain, and cook.  Homeowners want to enjoy their homes, but they also see upgrading their outsides as an investment.  Meadows Concrete Construction Inc. can create the look of an authentic stone patio, slate patio, or cobblestone patio making this a more economical choice with all the beauty of the real thing.

Concrete Porches Denver

One of the most prominent features of a home's exterior is the front porch. Whether it's a small landing welcoming people to your door, or a wrap-around patio with room for seating so you can watch the world go by, the porch is a highly visible and important design element. If you want to make a great first impression with people and passersby, use decorative concrete to dress up a new or existing front porch.

Concrete Patios Denver

The backyard of your home is the heart of recreational activities during the summer months.   For instance, the patio has become so essential to backyard retreats that it was among the top 10 features ranked "very important" by home buyers. There are several ways to spruce up its appearance quickly and without the expense of pouring a brand-new surface. “If you have a concrete patio that needs work, the traditional option has been to remove and replace it with new concrete.   While that’s still an option, a lot of people are using newer methods of staining, painting or changing the texture of the concrete to improve the appearance.” Stamped concrete is perfect for sidewalks, driveways, walkways, retaining walls or decking.

Concrete Steps Denver

Concrete stairways are the most prominent feature at the entryway of many homes and public buildings, yet too often they get relegated to purely utilitarian status. Converting  concrete stairs from bland to grand makes them the dramatic focal point of any entrance. Even greater is the visual impact of  combining decorative stairways with stamped or stained concrete walkways and landings that incorporate coordinating colors and patterns. Concrete steps can be poured right along with your walkways or entryway, so they can be colored and textured to match.   

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